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Red, What, and Blue

Claire Lee


What’s your favorite color?

Most people default to blue

Serene, refreshing, and smooth

The color of water, beaches, and the sky

Such a calm color. No wonder everyone says blue.

What’s your favorite color?

So many people answer blue

I think I’m supposed to, too

Deep inside, I don’t know

But maybe we’re all confused

What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue

Just like the rest of you

My answer comes quick

It’s so nice I never have to rethink

What’s your favorite color?

“Red.” She explains no further

30 of her peers stare in confusion

Red is fierce. Red is bold.

Red creates chaos for no reason.

But red is just a color

A color just like blue

Was it right of me to be scared

Of such a beautiful rosy hue?

Maybe I’ll choose both

Purple doesn’t stray too far

Why stay so close to home at all?

There’s green and pink, magenta and teal

So what’s my favorite color?

I couldn’t tell you


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