Journey into Night: The Story of Salvation | Routine

Jerry Yu


Brutus walked through the metal bridge that leads to his position in the factory, surrounded by the unsettling chatter from hundreds of mechanical gears linked together. He always wondered at the strange but marvelous mechanism behind these gears. How applying a simple force to one gear causes a chain reaction of endless cycles, and before you know it, the entire system is flowing with the energy that originated from one single, neglectable gear. All this is too familiar to Brutus, day after day of mindless chores blurred his vision, robbing him of his curiosity. The monotonous nature of a factory worker is a self- deprecating one, but not an uncommon one. Checking his oxygen masks and tank, the only things between him and the ghostly green gas that clouds around him. Glancing up to face the formidable tower, Brutus grinned in irony.

The safeguard of his survival is also the very source of his endless sufferings.

This unpleasant realization was soon brushed away by the screeching noise of the alarm hurrying him to move along at a faster pace. A new day of work had begun.


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