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Journey into Night: The Story of Salvation | Revelation

Jerry Yu


One last look. One last glance at the fanatic red tubes extending out from that abominable place he escaped from. Brutus saw things that he wasn’t supposed to see, he has things that he isn’t supposed to have, and now they are all after him. The oxygen, the factories, the laws... They are nothing but a facade, the most hideous facade disguising the most beautiful secret.

The power to destroy a thing is absolute control over those who crave for it

Along with this revelation, Brutus can’t help but to feel pity for his own cowardice. With this thing and this power he could expose to the world and start a revolution. He could bring down the oppressor and free his people from eternal struggle. But instead, he let fear dominate his thoughts. He could hear those devilish voices in his head, whispering:

“What makes you any different from those who you deemed abominable?”


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