Journey into Night: The Story of Salvation | Finality

Jerry Yu


Down here in the deepest depths of the ocean, the warmth from this single generator above is the only thing keeping this city alive. But from here, Brutus feels assurance like never before. Months of wandering in the lonely world, he faced rejection and alienation, experienced tragedy and despair. But from here, every inch of his body is surrounded by hopeful heat, and Brutus continues to amaze at the peaceful silence that he so longed for during his time in the factory. With comfort came the unbearable feeling of exhaustion. Here Brutus can finally rest. He found his salvation. Looking back at his Journey, and his memories calls for his attention. He remembers the Okewns, who were so devoted to eliminating their animalistic instincts that in the process they lost their compassion and the emotions that made them truly human. He remembers the Natives, who in their desperate pursuit of freedom blinded them from reason and logic and left them wandering without purpose. Finally, he remembers the corrupted empire, where millions work pointlessly for survival, living in a lie that will become eternal nature if he chooses to rest here.

Brutus woke from his dreamy thoughts of pleasure. Here he would find salvation,​ he thought,but here the journey would not end.


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