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Journey into Night: The Story of Salvation | Doom

Jerry Yu


The explosion was big... and loud too. The flames shot up into the sky. It was wild, and uncontrollable as well. That’s all Brutus told the investigators, but he knew it was only a matter of time before they figured out the truth.

He caused the explosion, singlehanded destroyed an entire generator tower. All it took was a few missed button clicks and boom. Accidents like this were common in the factories. When you put low-skill employees with no previous training on highly demanding tasks with serious consequences, what could go wrong? Brutus knew he was done though. As soon as the government finds out, they will cut off this oxygen supply and leave him to die. His remaining amounts will last him for a week or two but that’s about it. He survived the explosion through pure luck, but at the end he is still a dead man walking.

Looking back at his life Brutus had no regrets. After all you can’t have any regrets when you didn’t have anything to live for in the first place. From here on now, people like him have a few options. Go to the casinos and gamble for his life knowing perfectly well that the odds are massive skewed against him. Or go underground, join the cult, pretending to believe their wild religions and live forever in prosecution. Of course, there's always that third option that people always crave about: T​ he Emperor’s Throne World,​ but he knows better than those other idiots not to mess with that kind of nonsense.


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