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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Speaker

Jerry Yu


“The greatest truth will remain a lie when one presents it in the poorest manner, and the greatest lie will remain truth when no one will speak up against it. Thus, it is my duty to transcribe the advice of my peers and educate humanity to reach its fullest potential.”

The speaker is the voice of logic, She is the speaker of all words and with her voice magnified by the crown she wears, she spreads her voice far to every corner of this world with ease. Her voice is iron. One does not dare to interrupt the speaker. When she speaks, the land pauses to listen and the chatter of daily life ceases. The world becomes silent as she opens her mouth and enlightened when she closes it. The speaker is blind by nature. Though she speaks the truth she will never see it with her eyes. But to the speaker herself, the ability of sight is nothing more than small convenience. Her relationships are built on trust and trust alone. She believes in her peers to give her the knowledge she needs to voice their ideas. Everything she says is the consensus of the group, and the product of their research.


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