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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Pioneer

Jerry Yu


“My fellow Okewns are models of morality and justice. They’ve devoted their lives to train their mind to reach its potential. But they’re also reluctant, they despise the emperor but not enough to act upon it. We spread our moral ideas far into the corners of this world but remain inside the shadows of the oppressor. What changes have we really bought? The ideas do not cause change. It is only through definitive action that progress is made.”

The Okewns are thinkers of the mind. They will never be warriors. They can never lead a revolution and make their preaches a reality. Such is the eternal tragedy. They’ve escaped the prison of the mind and transcended, but yet they find themselves trapped in reality. Every thought they have is nothing more than a wild dream. Senseless hope.

“I​ see these undeniable facts through clear water. And I believe they do as well. Somewhere deep inside their brilliant minds is where cruel reality is buried. The Emissary argues reluctance for the sake of longevity, but what good is survival when it means the betrayal of everything you live for?”


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