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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Okewns

Jerry Yu


As the human race reached its final test during the Great Cleansing, as chaos reigned upon the lands of mankind, the voice of reason and logic, once the great source of pride that man used to consider themselves as superior to all other beings, crumbled before the thought of extinction. As our animal instincts consumed us whole, when the basic need for survival can no longer be taken for granted, all other aspects of the civilly advanced values that we cherished as a society have lost their value. But one particular group considered these things far too precious to leave behind, the very thing that truly made us human, that persisted at a time when everything seemed worthless. This thing is philosophy, and the ones who persevered it, would be remembered as the Okewns.

Formed from such diverse cultures and beliefs, the Okewns were a surprisingly unbiased unit, they were able to embrace their differences and move beyond the primitive desires of selfishness for personal glory and achievements. They viewed the world in a much more grandiose perspective than the commoners and came to the conclusion that all human conflicts stemmed from the basic animal instincts of establishing superiority over one another. The desire for money led to exploitations of natural resources and slavery, the desire of personal glory, power, or the dominance of religion led to warfare and the death of millions. The Okewns collectively thought that even while the satisfaction of superiority is achieved, that satisfaction is only temporary and will soon be taken over by the insecurity of losing this satisfaction and thus causing more conflict. As a result of this belief, the Okewns devoted their entire lives to suppressing this animalistic desire and trying to escape this psychological prison that they are constantly trapped in. They have strict rules and practices that help them limit their mind to focus on it’s true function, logic. The way they train their mind is quite simple. The Okewns created a device that simulated pain when attached to the nerves of the body. That pain is false but the body doesn’t recognize that, an animalistic brain would immediately think to pull away from this discomfort for its own survival, but a human brain would have the ability to recognize that the pain is simulated and therefore not a threat. Once it does, it would be able to overcome this pain with logical thinking.


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