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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Golem

Jerry Yu


“I was born a robot, a creature of benevolence. I was designed to serve as a gift to the Okewns. I speak solely of the truth, so I told them I was a spy. I serve as the eyes of the emperor. They accepted me, because to do otherwise would spell doom.”

The Emperor needs the Okewns for their knowledge, but he fears knowledge. He knows that it leads to opposition and questions, both extremely deadly. This alliance is born solely out of necessity, and never trust. From this led to the necessity of a spy, a gift they can not reject. The Golem is naive, but a useful tool. It does the dirty work for the Okewns. Cooking, cleaning and etc. However, one does not judge the actions of the puppet, but instead the intent of its master. The Golem does not aim to destroy, to do that would be much easier. It seeks to observe. It fulfills the emperor's curiosity and paranoia. The Golem never faced objection, after all the Okewns are harmless. They have no intent to conspire. Though they despise the emperor and his oppressive ideals, they do not aim to interfere as that would be foolish. Despite the liability, they welcomed the spy.


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