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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Emissary

Jerry Yu


“The world we live in shows no mercy. Our mission is sacred, but to survive we must negotiate. Isolation leads to ignorance, and we must adapt and ally even with those whom we despise. To ensure that our ideals remain pure, I will become our emissary, I will take our message down to the land of the common for the sake of our survival. It is for the greater good.”

The Emissary serves as the link between the Okewns and the outside world. He’s a lone wolf, scouting around, quietly observing the acts of the commoners and studying their behaviors. But more importantly, he is the negotiator. While the speaker’s voice is loud and powerful towards the public. The Emissary is cunning, and manipulative. His words are full of subtext. He transforms their study of logic into a weapon, screwing it into a false sense of practicality to get what he wants. He’s an opportunist, and he never takes uncalculated risks. The Emissary uses the emperor’s greed and hunger into his advantage, to help his people thrive.

“M​y lies are justified by the virtue of the prosperity of the greater good. Our moral lessons will only remain moral if we live to tell it, and in a world without mercy, survival takes priority.


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