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Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Clairvoyant

Jerry Yu


“Why do we study our thoughts? Why do we view some things as moral and some immoral? What affects our judgment? Do we value one’s intentions more than one’s actions? The line between logic and heresy is so very thin, do you know which side you are on?

The Clairvoyant is the eldest member of the Okewns, the last remaining of the founders. She claimed to have lived through the great cleansing, and her experiences left her scared and crippled. After that, she started to question things, everything seemed to have become unfamiliar to her. Which is why she joined the founding Okewns, they set out the answer the same questions that troubled her deeply. She believes that only through questioning everything, every act, every belief, and every consequence do we learn and progress as intellectuals. But as time passed on, these questions became so eccentric and grotesque that it drove her into madness. She would spend months in isolation, trying to find answers. But the answer always brings uncertainty, and more questions. Too many questions. Now, she spends her remaining days reevaluating her life. Okewns tried to convince her of her contributions to their studies, that her questions played critical roles in their inspirations and discoveries, but at the end it was all in vain.


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