Journey into Night: Character Profile | The Chancellor

Jerry Yu


“​For one to truly transcend and discover the possibilities of its mind, one must first learn the art of giving, and give up their inferior instincts of distraction. I, the chancellor, will test their worthiness in mastering the art of giving.”

The Chancellor is the voice of authority and justice. He is the one true judge, the real objective case. Though he has no mouth to speak, every stance, and every gesture he makes declares honor and integrity. He holds a critical eye towards the world. Through a glance from the distance, he can tell a man’s core principle and values, and whether they will pass his test, a test designed to discover one’s true nature.

The test is a battle against yourself, with the beast that lives inside you. And if you come out victorious, you will have mastered this delicate art form and earned my respect.”

From the point of view of an outsider, the Chancellor is cruel and malicious, he is the gatekeeper of the Okewns, rejecting those who failed his test. But to the Okewns themselves, the Chancellor ensures order and quality, and he keeps them safe from the inferior ideals of the outside world. It is through his protection that they can study in peace.


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