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Journey into Night: Character Profile | ​The Bibliognost

Jerry Yu


“One’s personal brilliance will forever be limited by time, but once that brilliance is recorded, it becomes the eternal wisdom that will benefit generations of mankind.”

The Bibliognost is the accumulator of knowledge. He sorts through oceans of records and documents from the ancient past, and organizes them into familiarity. He is also the harvester of wisdom, as he records the insight of his peers for documentation and reference. The Bibliognost is a quiet man, he enjoys the lonely peace. It is most likely due to the calming nature of his work, so calming that others would treat it as monotonous. But to the Bibliognost himself, he fully understands power and responsibility of his work. By regulating these records, he controls the entirety of the brilliance of men of the foreseeable past. No amount of current political or economic power can be compared to the combined accomplishments of human species, not even close.


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