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Journey into Night  

The Story of Salvation

Brutus walked through the metal bridge that leads to his position in the factory, surrounded by the unsettling chatter from hundreds of mechanical gears linked together. He always wondered at the strange but marvelous mechanism behind these gears. How applying a simple force to one gear causes a chain reaction of endless cycles, and before you know it, the entire system is flowing with the energy that originated from one single, neglectable gear. All this is too familiar to Brutus, day after day of mindless chores blurred his vision, robbing him of his curiosity. The monotonous nature of a factory worker is a self- deprecating one, but not an uncommon one. Checking his oxygen masks and tank, the only things between him and the ghostly green gas that clouds around him. Glancing up to face the formidable tower, Brutus grinned in irony.

The safeguard of his survival is also the very source of his endless sufferings.

This unpleasant realization was soon brushed away by the screeching noise of the alarm hurrying him to move along at a faster pace. A new day of work had begun.




Down here, in the lowest lair of the Emperor’s Throne World, surrounded by the ancient palaces of worship, Brutus stood where many desperate outcasts have stood before.

Hypocrisy, he thought, the emperor openly prosecuted the cults that worshiped ancient civilizations, but his throne world’s very foundation is built upon these “false religions.”

Glancing down at the feverish yellow glow, Brutus felt fear trembling through the deepest strands of his bone marrow. Glancing down, he can not see the bottom. To jump, to enter the puzzle like hundreds did before him, was a thought he couldn’t dare to imagine just days ago. That was before the accident, before he lost everything. But now, without the emperor’s mercy, he struggles to gasp for the rapidly depleting oxygen in his tank. 


“Only whom with great prescience to see possibility behind impossibility deserves a treasure inconceivable to the rest of mankind.”

Those were the words of the emperor when he announced this puzzle, and with that thought, Brutus let his body go.

Throne World 

“Deep inside the dark corridors of the emperor’s throne world, behind a puzzle deemed unsolvable by its creator, lies the most majestic palace of levitation.”


Those were the words Kynes said to him before his journey, but the rest, he will have to discover himself. The artificial sunlight shining through the gaps between the enormous columns and the floating roof gave Brutus some sense of hopeful familiarity that he desperately longed for during his days of venturing in the gloom. At the end of these columns, the central artifact, the source of those mysterious tubes that can be seen from the outside, allured Brutus forward. The irresistible charm of the blue glow obscured his logic. Strangely, out of pure instinct, Brutus felt a frantic urge to remove his oxygen mask. The realization poured into his mind a few seconds after his fatal move.


“Here, deep inside the dark corridors of the emperor’s throne world, behind a puzzle deemed unsolvable by its creator, lies a lie. Here, deep inside the dark corridors of the emperor’s throne world, behind a puzzle deemed unsolvable by its creator, lies an artifact of infinite oxygen."


One last look. One last glance at the fanatic red tubes extending out from that abominable place he escaped from. Brutus saw things that he wasn’t supposed to see, he has things that he isn’t supposed to have, and now they are all after him. The oxygen, the factories, the laws... They are nothing but a facade, the most hideous facade disguising the most beautiful secret.

The power to destroy a thing is absolute control over those who crave for it

Along with this revelation, Brutus can’t help but to feel pity for his own cowardice. With this thing and this power he could expose to the world and start a revolution. He could bring down the oppressor and free his people from eternal struggle. But instead, he let fear dominate his thoughts. He could hear those devilish voices in his head, whispering:

“What makes you any different from those who you deemed abominable?”


Brutus carefully parked his motorbike on a thin metal platform extended in this vast underwater paradise. Surprisingly, Brutus was overwhelmed not by the countless orange lights radiating outwards as it collided with the water, but by the ominous silence that encompassed this place. For a place that only existed in the myths and folktales of the Natives, it still managed to surpass anything that those maniacs portrayed. Turning away from the majestic glare in the distance, the lecture from the Okewns came back to mind:


“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”


Sensing the courage building up inside him, Brutus turned back to face the blinding glare,

Here he would find salvation, he thought, but here the journey would not end.



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