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The Cure 

Inspired by COVID-19, this mixed media piece that delineates my personal feeling and experience during the quarantine. Before, I was constantly stressed out by schoolwork, and I never took the time to take care of myself. With the more free time that I have now and the less school work to worry about, I learned to self-love and self-care. The black and white drawing in the midground shows my monotone and mechanized life before the quarantine, and the text in the upper right corner and the lower-left corner shows the pressure that I get from schoolwork. But the quarantine cured many of the problems that I have been struggling with. therefore, this piece shows my positive attitude on the current situation and my gratitude for having the opportunity to take a break from the fast pace lifestyle that I had.




This piece was inspired by people panic buying bottled water during the coronavirus outbreak. Unsurprisingly, my dad also bought many bottled water. I personally think it would be very not eco-friendly if all of the plastic bottles are just being thrown away since they cannot be decomposed naturally. Thus, I thought I can incorporate them into my art piece to contribute to the improvement of our environment. Additionally, the piece not only suggests the degradability of plastic, but it also exemplifies the process of feelings fading away. With the fast-paced lifestyle that we had before the quarantine, it is very hard for us to take our time to process our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, this piece also reminds people to give time to themselves and let negative things decompose.


This piece uses surrealism to portray the effect social expectation has on people. The woman in the foreground represents reality, everything around her is either illusion or her fear due to people’s excessive judgments and expectations. The mouth with the tongue out symbolize rumors, and the lips that are kissing the mirror symbolize people’s taste in beauty. Overall, this piece reflects current society and people’s actions.


These pieces were made during the first week of the quarantine situation. This first piece shows the disconnection between me and my friends. The second piece shows the situation that people are facing around the world: some people are struggling to find a job, the economy is going downhill, and even myself have a hard time trying to adjust to the current situation. Therefore, these two pieces delineate the problem that we faced and the process and adjustment during the start of the coronavirus outbreak.


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