our mission: 

Our goal is to bring awareness to Asian American discrimination through various mediums of art produced by students who are passionate about the ongoing issue. 



Our website displays a collection of works created by our artists. They are meant to portray the experiences and thoughts of creative high school students living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

how to participate


In order to participate and have your work uploaded to our website, go to the contact page and shoot us a message! You can also send us an email at remember20.thecollection@gmail.com or message us on instagram. We will make sure to promptly send you more information.



We are proudly working together with Alliance of Chinese Americans (ACA) in San Diego 

our philosophy: 

REMEMBER20 is a virtual gallery which features works that have been created during the global pandemic. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, Asian Americans have been the prime target for racism and discrimination. However, these voices against Asians are not new, they simply got louder since the pandemic. We believe that art is a powerful tool that can tackle modern issues in a way that brings a new perspective through the artist’s eye. Through art, topics such as discrimination can be discussed and developed into something more complex than it originally appears to be. Art has the ability to create a change because of its emotional influence. In order to solve the problem of Asian American discrimination, we must get to the root of the problem: not only a lack of understanding, but representation as a whole. Our gallery, REMEMBER20, focuses on the first step of that journey: awareness. 

©REMEMBER20: the collection 

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