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our mission

Our goal is to bring awareness to current social issues through various mediums of art produced by students who are passionate about the ongoing issue. 



Our website displays a collection of works created by our artists. They are meant to portray the experiences and thoughts of creative high school students living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

how to participate


In order to participate and have your work uploaded to our website, go to the contact page and shoot us a message! You can also send us an email at or message us on instagram. We will make sure to promptly send you more information.

ABC 10 Interview

 We were given the opportunity to talk about our project and mission to Lindsey Pena from ABC 10. We were featured on their channel in August of 2021. 

our philosophy

REMEMBER20 is a virtual gallery which features works that have been created during the global pandemic. We believe that art brings people together through a universal language. In other words, art transcends the barriers that race, religion, language, and many more factors often seem to create between people. Art is transformative, meaning that it can bring change. Our team aims to promote equality with REMEMBER20, showing that anyone—and everyone—is able to speak one common language: art. Rather than dividing people, we hope to represent the common ground in the human race.



We are proudly working together with Alliance of Chinese Americans (ACA) in San Diego and Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA). Councilmember Chris Cate from the San Diego City Council has recognized our achievements. 

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